Bernadett Nagy is a creator, designer and maker of each and every jewellery. It is her who attaches importance to the message of shapes and to the process of how designs are embodied under her hands when creating the jewellery pieces.

The work of a jewellery designer is complex task, nevertheless, she often works alone. An excellent jewellery designer needs to be familiar with every movement of jewellery, and her dexterity and fine mechanical skills are essential to her daily work.

Bernadett Nagy studied goldsmithing in Budapest. Her special use of materials and their pairing are often impressive. Her collections are all in perfect harmony of imaginations and impressions. Each piece of her jewelry is the result of fine hand-work. The determined style is the result of refined work and many years of experience.

BERNADOTTE Jewellery is a truly unique product in the European market. Born in 2013, the brand features characteristically yet lightweight pieces from season to season. The style is mature, the creations represent a special transition between precious metal jewellery and statement jewellery. Rich in detail and accents, the necklaces, bracelets and rings combine beautifully colored, carefully selected crystals, beads and leather elements that become truly vibrant and alive during wear due to the changing play of light.

Handmade pieces show attentiveness and value preservation. The pieces are born with artistic inspiration and passion.

Bernadett Nagy, creator of the BERNADOTTE Jewellery brand, presents her life philosophy in her work: to bring to life the eternal beauty and harmony that exists in every woman.