We have created the brand BERNADOTTE Jewellery. The collections are elegant, trendy and have their own personality. A piece of jewelry that gives the final touch for the perfect look.

We, at Bernadotte Jewellery believe in the beauty that comes from within, the feminine perfection. Make the most of your female creativity! Feel free to choose from our collections and experience the irresistible radiance of our jewelry. Be irresistible!

Wrap yourself in the magic of our beautiful jewellery. Enhance your true brilliance. Turn it into the source of your femininity, your creative power. Let's shine together.


We are changing the trend in new ways. We create unique pieces that encourage you, our customer, to freely express your personality.

Unique style

The jewellery of BERNADOTTE Jewellery is inspired by a world in which things are channeled by the universal order into a harmonious bed. "I leave everything out of my jewelry that is superfluous, just as in life, only things of real value are justified in the long run." The recurring, dominant form of collections has been the circle that represents unity and wholeness since the dawn of earthly civilization.

BERNADOTTE Jewellery's message for women

Love, light, harmony. The more we can spend as a woman in these qualities, the happier the world will be. This is the message of our jewellery.