New Age Agency Ltd. Hungary-1025, Budapest Zöldkő u 11-13A II/7. (hereafter Service Provider) or the indicated external service providers place on and read back from the computer of the Involved Party a small data package, a so-called cookie in the interest of customised service. If the browser sends back an already saved cookie, the cookie managing service provider may connect the data of the Involved Party saved on the occasion of the current visits of the Involved Party with the earlier ones, but exclusively in respect of its own data content.

Service Provider uses the following cookies:

Session cookies: The session cookies are automatically deleted after the visit of the Involved Party. The function of these cookies is to allow the Website of Service Provider to operate more efficiently and more securely, therefore they are indispensable for the proper operation of certain functions or certain applications of the Website.

Persistent cookies: Service Provider uses persistent cookies in the interest of better user experience (e.g. the provision of optimised navigation). These cookies are stored in the cookie file of the browser for a longer time. The duration of this depends on the setting the Involved Party has set in his/her internet browser. With the aid of these cookies Service Provider collects data in an anonym manner for marketing and optimising purposes. Service Provider may not use these data for personally identifying the Involved Party. Naturally the Involved Party may ban for Service Provider to use the data of the Involved Party, through any of the contact data of the Service Provider given above.

Cookies used for password protected work processes.

Cookies needed for the shopping carts.

Security cookies.

In the menu line of the majority of the browsers there is a “Help” function, which provides information on how the Involved Party may do the following in his/her own browser

how he/she can ban the cookies,

how he/she may accept new cookies,

how he/she can give instructions to his/her browser to set a new cookie, or

how he/she can switch off other cookies.

If the Involved Party would not like Google Analytics to measure the above data with the method and for the purpose introduced above, then the Involved Party has to install into his/her browser the plug-in that blocks this.

The Website uses the remarketing tracking codes of Google Adwords. The basic purpose of this is to allow us to contact later on those users, who visit the site with remarketing advertisements on the websites that belong to the network of Google Display. The remarketing code uses cookies for labelling the visitors. The Users of the Website may prohibit these cookies, provided they contact the manager program of the Google advertisement settings and they follow the instructions given there. Subsequently the personalised offers from Service Provider will not appear for them.