How may I purchase?

Registration is a prerequisite of placing the products into your cart and purchasing them. 

Under the label of “Put it into the cart” it is possible to purchase the products after prior registration. The previously given invoicing and delivery data have to be approved or changed if required on the occasion of each purchase.

Those products of ours that are not on stock, but which may be directly ordered are exclusively produced after being ordered. In the case of these products in addition to the delivery period the production period has to be also taken into consideration, which we do indicate in each case, next to the product. However, in the case of these products the assortment is much bigger and there is a higher number of variation options in respect of each specific item. The process of purchasing those products not on stock, which may be directly ordered is the same as the process of purchase in the case of products on stock.

On the occasion each purchase the system will ask you to approve the previously given delivery and invoicing addresses, or you may even change these addresses as required. Subsequently you will be able to pay with your bank card through the payment website of the financial service provider. You will be informed about the successful performance of the payment. Upon clicking on the „next” button you will arrive to the interface of „viewing the order”, where you may once again view your data and the details of your purchase. By accepting the GTC and by clicking on the “Sending the Order” button you may finalise your purchase, the delivery of which we will confirm. We will confirm the possibility of performing the order after processing the information, but at the latest within 48 hours after the submission of the order.

What does the price of the product contain?

We always indicate in each case the gross consumer price including VAT of 27 %. During the process of purchase our programme will calculate the cost of transport based on the delivery address you have given, and it till add it to the price of the product. Therefore on the occasion of purchasing you will pay both for the products and for its delivery, and you will have no additional costs. We are able to perform only deliveries within Hungary through the website.

How can I give gifts to others?

You may set in your personal account several delivery addresses. When giving a gift you have to simply give the delivery address of the addressee involved and verify on the occasion of finalising the offer that the programme really saved the address involved. We recommend you to notify the addressee about the arrival of the gift, in order to allow our courier to find him/her at the given address.

Are my personal data safe?

Bernadotte Jewellery does not disclose the registered user data to any third party in any manner that deviates from the contents of our privacy statement.

Is it safe for me to pay with a card?

Paying the final amount of the purchase with a bank card may be done through the system of Wirecard through Visa (Verified by Visa), Master Card (Master Card Secure Code) and Maestro cards. The system uses a secure channel and it is automatic. The financial service provider will receive exclusively the card data that you give and which are required for the payment transaction through the page of payment that is supported with a 128 bit SSL encryption. The financial service provider does not get any purchase related personal data and any information on the content of the purchase from Bernadotte Jewellery. On the other side Bernadotte Jewellery will not informed about the data content of the page of payment, these data may be accessed only by the financial service provider. The financial service provider will inform you about the successful transaction after the performance of the payment.

May I cancel the purchase?

Yes. In order to learn the relevant details please read the relevant point of the General Terms and Conditions of Bernadotte Jewellery.

I forgot my password

In this case when logging in please click on the icon “I forgot my password”. Our system will generate for you a new password, which we will send you to the email address you gave us previously. With this new password you will be able to log in into our website and you may define a new password in your personal account.