You may get information and you may manage your data in your personal account under the following categories:

My orders: This item contains the history of your orders. Your orders may be filtered according to order IDs, dates, the products, the statuses of the orders. Moreover you may quickly repeat the orders that had been already submitted once.

My addresses: This is the place, where you may update or extend the list of those addresses, where you may direct the deliveries and invoices made for you.

My vouchers: This is a list of your vouchers including their data.

My notices: If you ask a notice through the interface of our store, you may view the notice under this point.

My credits: This item contains a list of credits that have been made to you.

My personal data: You may update your personal data and you may change your password under this point.

My wish list: You may view under this point the products you have entered into a wish list and you may send your wish list from here to your acquaintances.