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The Story Behind Bernadotte

At Bernadotte we believe that designing jewellery is not merely about the shapes themselves but the process in which our designs take shape in our hands, the creation. Each piece is custom-made with meticulous care from finding the right materials to the final touches and packaging. Our jewellery is made from the highest quality silver and accessories with precise handcrafting and state-of-the-art technology for decoration and plating.

Our products are designed with a conscious combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship techniques while maintaining a sustainable production environment. The Bernadotte collections are unique in character representing clean shapes and distinguishing colours. Our jewellery range features an array of classic and contemporary pieces subtle or bold – but always stylish - to complement your personal style, mood and the occasion. 
Bernadotte incorporates those values ​​we hold important both in life and in our jewellery: openness, harmony and quality.

Meet The Designer

The craft of a jewellery maker can be compared to a precious metal or a gemstone: although it is potentially valuable in itself it only shines it’s brightest and displays its true worth if it is polished to perfection. This process requires passion and many years of practice. 

“There was a moment in time when I simply understood that this is my path. Since then I have never had any doubts and never looked back.”

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